Wear your heart on your sleeve

Join me in making and wearing a green heart to help remind us all to protect our beautiful world and secure a safer future for the next generation. In the centre of your green heart, is the name of something you love that will be affected by climate change.

Using fabric from my Granny's fabric stash I have made some green heart kits, that I will be sharing in return for a gold coin donation to the Climate Council

With more than seven billion people, human activity has drastically influenced nature, and our planet's geological and climate systems and extinction of many of our fellow creatures.

Humans have entered a new era, called the Anthropocene.

I was inspired by an interview on ABC Radio with Sarah Corbett, of Craftivist-Collective

Sarah spoke about her project A heart for your sleeveSarah is an award-winning campaigner with 30 years’ practical experience as an activist. The Craftivist Collective is "a collective, an inclusive group of people committed to using thoughtful, beautiful crafted works to help themselves and encourage others be the positive change they wish to see in the world."


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