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Making midwinter magic

  A few days ago, I went outside to find my driveway strewn w ith old clothes and carrier bags. Someone had dumped a load of old clothes, mostly jeans, and had a good rummage. It was all a bit confusing and distressing. Grey clouds loomed in the sky. Old soggy wet clothes would be even worse than dry ones. I gathered up the clothes into the carrier bags and put them on my veranda. They sat there in the carrier bags for two days, catching my eye every time I left the house. I mulle d over the event. On the third day, the sun was shining. I decided to take a look at the clothes and work out what to do with them. Gingerly, I opened the bags and looked through the tired and worn garments. All men’s clothes. All in need of a good wash. Just one pair of trousers looked in  good condition. The rest looked almost too tired and tattered for the charity shop.   Then inspiration. What if this was a strange gift? How  about I wash them all and give them a new life? A few loads of washing lat

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