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Australian Red Riding Hood

A new story by Liz Locksley, Thrive StoryCreated for a live storytelling at Dark Enchantment, on Saturday, November 17, 2018 10am-3pm

Dingo lives in remnant bushland on the edge of the city. She wants to visit her granny Dingo who lives on the other side of the city in another remnant bush reserve. The last green corridor connecting to Granny Dingo’s land has been cut down. Now she must cross the wild city to get there.

Dingo loves her Granny Dingo who tells stories of the time before the city came.  When the bushland was connected. She tells of ancestors and relatives who lived there. How they were killed when the loggers and miners came. And then the developers came and built the grey towers and sealed the soil from the sky. Installed the lights that hide the stars and the monsters that breathe fire into the air.

Dingo crosses the city. It is inhospitable. Night falls but it is not really dark. She can’t see the stars but she can see lots of other strange lights above her. She is frig…

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